Nurturing Together: A Guide on What to Do with Your Partner When Preparing for a Baby

The journey to parenthood is a transformative and exciting time for couples. As you anticipate the arrival of your little one, the period of preparation becomes a shared adventure that can strengthen the bond between you and your partner. From creating a welcoming environment to developing strong communication, there are numerous activities you can engage in together to prepare for the joyous arrival of your baby. In this article, we explore meaningful actions and considerations for couples navigating the beautiful journey of becoming parents.

  1. Attend Prenatal Classes Together: Prenatal classes offer valuable insights into pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. Attending these classes together provides an opportunity for both partners to learn about the physical and emotional aspects of pregnancy, labor, and postpartum care. The shared knowledge gained from these classes can foster a sense of teamwork and confidence as you embark on this new chapter together.
  2. Create a Supportive Birth Plan: Developing a birth plan is a collaborative effort that involves discussing preferences, expectations, and potential challenges during labor and delivery. Your partner’s involvement in creating this plan ensures that both of you are on the same page and can advocate for each other’s needs during the birthing process.
  3. Design and Set Up the Nursery: Preparing the nursery is a delightful way to bond as a couple. From choosing color schemes to assembling furniture, decorating the nursery becomes a joint project that allows both partners to contribute their ideas and creativity. This shared space can serve as a tangible representation of the love and anticipation surrounding the impending arrival.
  4. Explore Parenting Books and Resources: Reading parenting books and articles together can provide valuable insights into various parenting styles, baby care, and relationship dynamics after childbirth. This shared knowledge equips both partners with a foundation to approach parenting decisions as a team, fostering unity and understanding.
  5. Take Time for Self-Care and Relaxation: Prioritizing self-care is crucial for both partners during the preparation phase. Enjoying quiet moments together, engaging in relaxing activities, and supporting each other’s emotional well-being contribute to a positive and harmonious environment as you prepare for the changes ahead.
  6. Discuss Roles and Responsibilities: Open and honest communication about roles and responsibilities after the baby arrives is essential. From dividing household chores to discussing parenting duties, understanding each other’s expectations helps prevent misunderstandings and fosters a sense of shared responsibility.
  7. Attend Healthcare Appointments Together: Attending prenatal appointments together allows both partners to actively participate in the pregnancy journey. From ultrasounds to check-ups, sharing these experiences strengthens the emotional connection to the pregnancy and builds a sense of involvement and support.
  8. Build a Network of Support: Preparing for a baby involves creating a support system that extends beyond the couple. Attend parenting classes, join support groups, and connect with other expectant couples. Building a network of friends and family who can offer guidance and encouragement enriches the experience and reinforces a sense of community.


Preparing for a baby is a shared adventure that encompasses emotional, physical, and practical aspects. Engaging in activities together, from attending prenatal classes to setting up the nursery, provides opportunities for connection and collaboration. By fostering open communication, building a supportive network, and prioritizing self-care, you and your partner can approach parenthood as a united team, ready to embrace the joys and challenges that come with the arrival of your little one. The journey to becoming parents is a shared expedition, and the bonds you build during this time will serve as a solid foundation for the beautiful adventure ahead.

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